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215 ZR
215 ZR
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mercoledý, 14 aprile 2021

215 ZR
the idrorepellente 215 ZR is special protecting a transparent one made up of siliconato of potassio, in watery, opportunamante solution modified, ready to the use, for the impregnation of superficial porose.
The absorption of the piovana water Avoids
the aggression from smog
Not modification the aspect of the manufatto one
transparent, incolore, traspirante, odorless E' Reduces considerably, not inflammable
excessive and a irregular saturation of the support can provoke a whitish warehouse in surface
In this case it will be necessary to leave to dry the dealt surface and subsequently to clean up with water and vinegar 2% approximately (as to clean up a normal pavement of house)


With the 215 ZR can be dealt whichever porosa surface and sanitary napkin, compact and without leaks, preventively sealed, cleaned up and taken the grease out of. 1. Traspiranti Intonaci crude and varnishes 2. Concretes, prefabbrica and block cementizi to you 3. Pavements in cooked and mattoni at sight 4. Objects several in terracotta (tegole, are gone, fregi, cordoli, etc…) Application: paint-brush, seam, spray (low pressure type rain), immersion. 5. Chemical barrier for capillary humidity by means of injection in masonries (pressure and/or settling).

TO CLEAN  TOOLS: with water

CONSUMPTIONS only indicated to you: to second of the absorption of the supports (two hands). The supports will have to be possibly dry. The second hand goes applied some minute after the first hand (bathed on bathed).
Intonaci traditional > gr. 800/mq approximately
Concrete, mattoni etc > gr. 500/mq approximately 

Warehouse in confection originates them 12 months Passed such term will be sufficient energetically to churn the container for the ridiscioglimento of crystals deposited on the bottom of the container. Temperature for the not inferior stoccaggio to +2°C Teme the Expository ices

from bench you contain 6 confection from Kg. 1 Jerry cans give: Kg. 5/Kg. 20

DATA OF the Contained PRODUCT

active substance (% in weight)± 2.50
Dissolvent water
flame Pointnot inflammable
Dangerousnessto consider annoying

INDICATIONS OF EMERGENCY During the manipulation of the product 215 ZR is necessary to wear: rubber gloves/glance at them/protecting light coveralls. In case of contact with eyes and skin, it will have to wash abundantly with water. Not to inalare. Not to ingest. To contact the doctor in malaise case.


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